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We are StudioSB, An award-winning multidisciplinary design Studio, based in Mumbai. Driven by passion, we deliver quality-first , time-bound and honest outputs.
We believe Strongly in experimentation and exploration. Our core ethos lies in understanding the user needs and being sensitive towards the environment, while having an inclusive dialogue with the context and breaking the monotony.

“As an architect you design for the present with an awareness of the past for a future which is essentially unknown.” – Norman Foster

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Scope of work

Studio SB, An award-winning multidisciplinary design Studio, based in Mumbai. Driven by passion, we deliver quality-first , time-bound and honest outputs.

We are a Mumbai-based progressive design house encompassing both architecture and interior design works. Our ever-evolving ideologies radiate curiosity and innovation, embracing freedom of thought and expression. We aim to create a balance of aesthetics and functionality through a comprehensive design process that confirms all design and user standards.
We are a multifaceted team of passionate professionals with a zeal to explore and experiment that urges us to adapt and evolve through time and space. With abundance of resources and an acquired skillset, we endeavor to be the trendsetters.
Our expertise spans various paradigms, including but not limited to, Bungalows, Residential Housing Schemes, Commercial Buildings/ Complexes, Industrial Projects, Malls and Multiplexes, Hospitals, Institutional Buildings, Hotels. Abiding by the principles of honesty and satisfaction, we believe in our ability to accomplish our goals.

Our Leaders

Saumitra Bhatkhalkar

Founder & Managing Partner

Saumitra, a multi-talented person who started his mission to build big at a very young age. His desire to create and build something unique since 8th grade is what brought him to this profession. Managing and leading his team gives him a different kick. A doer more than a believer, Saumitra can sing, play various sports, sketch and is a professional DJ. He is a connoisseur and an amazing cook. He lives on coffee.
P.S. He may seem intimidating but is actually sweet.

Sharmin Wade

Partner & Principal Architect

Sharmin is idealistic, confident, disciplined, creative, super friendly and truly dedicated to her work. Following the footsteps of her father and her creative mind, Sharmin chose Architecture as her profession. Elevation designing is her guilty pleasure. She loves complex designs and tackling such challenges.A social butterfly who is extremely health conscious and super hyper.

Meet our team

Our philosophy is simple — hire a team of diverse, passionate people and foster a culture that empowers you to do your best work.
Ar. Rahul Desai
If you're looking for fresh new ideas, Rahul should be your go-to person. With a keen eye-for-detail and creativity that knows no bounds, Rahul will be the one to make sure you get the best there is. He is focused, fast and extremely detail-oriented at his work. He has the power to make anyone laugh and lighten the mood of any room he is in. His love for upbeat and energetic songs are always a plus. Rahul has a way with numbers, at the same time, his marketing and communication skills seem to be his superpower.
sachin avhad
Ar. Sachin Avhad
Highly motivated, driven by passion and architecture. May it be it a huge glass skyscrapper or a small house in a green field, Sachin loves challenges that prove his versatality. He prefers expressing himself through innovative, problem-solving designs and architectural detailing.
Ar. Ana Rizvi
A curious and motivated architect with a commitment of making adaptable and functional design and better spaces for people. One can find her interesting and makes work space less stressfull. Ana is excellent at communication skills. Anyone can count on her, being a resposible person.
Gayatri S. Adurkar
Interior Designer
A firm believer of ' if there is a will, there is a way'. An interior designer by passion. A calm and friendly personality. An ambitious designer, willing to go the extra mile for perfection.
mahesh bhagat
Mahesh Bhagat
Senior Architectural Draughtsman
Sagar Samagar
Sagar Samagar
3D Visualiser
Ganesh Gole
Senior Project Manager
Nilesh Parab
General Manager
Amol Navale
General Manager
Rasika Raorane
Yogita Pardale
Nitesh Jadhaw
Rahul Mohite
Santosh Kamble
Support Staff
Santosh Tambe
Support Staff
Indra Yadav
Support Staff

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Residential Interiors
Commercial Interiors
Retail Interiors

02 Luxurious Interiors

Architectural Designing
Architectural Master
Civil Design
Landscape Planning

03 Urban Planning

Architectural Designing
Architectural Master
Civil Design
Landscape Planning

Young minds, Unique ideas and approach, Out of the box thinking, Use of latest technology in designs. End to end solutions.

Designing - Vending - Contracting - Execution - Supervision - Vast network of Vendors.

Skilled labour contractors on board. Sustainable Approach-designing for a better tomorrow.

Client needs are our priority, excellent communication skills and good client relationship.